When everything goes wrong, don’t overthink, just dance!


I’m reading this book at the moment calling „the Secret“ which I’m sure off a lot of you guys know or even read theirselves. I’m just at the beginning of it, but the actual message which is obviously „the law of attraction“ (which means that everything that’s coming into your life you are attracting into your life) seems pretty clear to me. So I kind of stumbled over this one sentence on page 9 (for those who have the book and want to look it up again): „Thoughts become things!“ and it literally made me think if this is true in my opinion. So is that the way it is? Actually I’m not so sure, so I think I would agree maybe 70 % at the moment (will tell you more when I finished the book and tried a few times).

It seems to be true that if we have a shitty time in our live overthinking what is all bad, even makes it worse.

But on the other hand, instead of letting the bad thoughts come and then at some point disappear for good, should we really trick ourselves in not even thinking them? I don’t know, should we? (honest question to all of you, discussions are welcome, because obviously I am not sure about that one)

Positive thinking, I’m completely on board, hard for me, I have to confess, but the principle of positive thinking very much appreciated, even if in my case the execution lacks a little.  But I’m much more careful with tricking our own minds into not think something bad in order to push the negativity away? Maybe I didn’t get the message of the book, but as I said, still at the beginning and don’t have a strong unpersuasive opinion, more just kind of a guess. So feel free to discuss, seriously!

All I can say is that sometimes, when I have such bad periods in life, there is just one thing for me to do: DANCE!

I think everyone of you has this one thing that can cheer you up easily, maybe it is a happy dance, maybe it is a happy song or even a happy dish you like you cook and eat, whatever, but just turn your thoughts of while doing your happy something, don’t think anything, negative, positive, don’t rethink, don’t overthink, just be in the moment! Just saying, always works for me at least…

So ladies and gentleman, here comes my happy dance, oh yes, almost forgot and also a new outfit. Enjoy!


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