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Doing something to protect nature is a purpose most of us have. But in most situations in day-to-day life, we are not thinking about how to really set our plan in motion.

That is why we need more of the female entrepreneurs like Floriana Sandu, who are ready to give a commitment.

Floriana Sandu launched her brand Gnana Studio from passion of nature and beauty and freedom. The design is characterized by a conceptual design with simple cuts, completed by the use of natural materials.

I asked Floriana Sandu herself to do this interview with me and I am happy to have her expression of creativity here on my blog today:


Florianacan you tell me a little bit about what makes the brand Gnana special and what differs from all the other fashion brands out there and what the purpose was for you to built this brand?


At the beginning Gnana was for me pure passion. I grew up in a very artistic environment and I kinda wanted to stay in that dreamy world. I had plenty of boxes with doll’s clothes when I was a child, I think creation was in my gene:)

When I started Gnana, I wanted to show the world my vision and my values. I think it’s all about the values, you can’t live without them. I wanted to present a clean product made with love and passion after techniques that I learned from my grandmother. I believe this is what differentiate us from other brands. We do sustainable fashion with an artistic traditional twist. We use techniques of craftsmanship from different cultures around the world, specially Romania. I love to maintain alive and present to the world a memory of how the world looked like when we had time to enjoy the simple things.


Where did the name come from?


Finding a name for the brand was a long process. I had few different options, but none of them filled my needs.

Then I started to look in the field of Indian Philosophy. Gnana is a type of yoga practice and also a process of thinking. Gnana means to sharpen your intellect to that point where you can accept and understand everything and not get affected by it. Gnana means to know.


Why is local and hand-made craftsmanship important to you?


We are from Romania, a country with rich traditions and culture. For centuries people made goods and clothes with their own hands here. I want that lifestyle to stay alive by working with local suppliers and crafters, to help them grow in this fast moving world.


Can you talk about the materials you use and why?


We use only natural materials and eco furs. Most of them come from local suppliers and family owned businesses.

I have a passion for linen, I think is the perfect fabric for sewing and embroidery. We also use cotton gauzes, cotton cloth, silk or wool and we’re studying the new wave of technological fabrics like pineapple leather, apple leather, mushrooms or banana leaf fabrics.

When I choose the fabrics, it’s all about the feeling. I like to feel the fabric on my skin or see the movement of it.


Tell us about yourself? How did you get from where you were to where you are right now? What changed and how did the idea of launching an own brand came to your mind?


I was in many positions in my life, from PR student, to fashion student, to intern and working for free for a long time to assistant designer and after, Gnana founder. I wanted to take all this steps to understand and learn as much as I could. I worked hard to chase my dream. At the beginning I was doing all the job by myself from concept, scketching, patterns, sewing, presentation  and communication. Now we are a beautiful team in expansion.

I always wanted to make my own business. I like to make things in my own way, my own rhythm and the most important, to make my own schedule. 🙂


For the products on your page, you yourself are modeling a lot. Is there a message to it you want your costumers to receive?


I was a model for more than 10 years. I think I know my clothes the best and how to express the message. I also love to work with other models, starting with the next season you won’t see my face that much:)


If someone asks you, why they should buy your products, what is your answer in one sentence?


It’s clean, transparent, nice cuts and designs, sustainable and totally cruelty free.


Where do you find your inspiration?


I find my inspiration everywhere. I don’t have a muse or a specific source. I’m a  visual person, so if I see a nice cloud, the color of a wave, the feeling of the wind. I just imagine how a cloth will look in that movement, color of how the material would feel on the skin. It just comes.


What is your goal for the next year? Is there something in particular you want to achieve?


For the next year we want to set a series of collaboration with shops around the world, to make our message heard and our products available in Australia and the USA.

We are also planing to set up another office in Barcelona, a multicultural and open city, a beautiful mixture of cultures.


Okay, now a quick question round:

1      Who or what would you like to be for one day?

I would choose to be an owl.

2      Book to take on a desert island?

One that could help me find water.

3      Favorite destination?


4      Favorite time of the year?


5      Family means…

People that I extremely love, who are there for me at anytime

6      What does a happy life means for you?

Freedom of expression, passion, family and friends near. Meaning the life what I have now.


Thank you so much for your time, Floriana.


Thank you!


jacket & skirt both by Gnana Studio

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