How to wear black in summer


Black never gets out of fashion, black never gets boring!

That is a fact and seems like I’m taking that very serious the last time. 

Bringing up childhood memories, summer was always the time for the cheerful, light and bright colors and certainly not for black. Black was the winter and autumn, the evening and special occasions color, but never ever the summer color.

Just a tiny period of time later like about ten years or so – just kidding, it’s almost twenty years later to be honest, this seems like a ridiculously long time (memo to myself: Man, you are old!) – anyways – times have changed, things are different! (Yeah, tell me about it, what a bummer, haha!)

And now black is indeed a summer color. An all black look in summer seems not to be out of place anymore and I will show you a way to wear it.

I bought this dress on sale from & Other Stories and well yes, it has a high neck and three-quarter sleeves, but it is super light and thin, without being see through. It has the perfect length for the warmer days to show a little bit of the legs without showing to much and it can safely resist a warm but stormy summer wind.

Together with simple black slippers and my favorite backpack from Skagen and sunnies the look, feels summery and is a great everyday Look.

Speaking of backpacks I can share a little story with you guys and why it seems like a miracle actually, that I am wearing one, because  originally, I hated backpacks! Really did hate them!

And yes, here comes the reason why: My ex boyfriend was used to wear one like seriously every time we he left the house, because it was in his words „so practical“. Yeah well, whatever, I thought and honestly peeps, I was like the embodiment of „contra backpack“ looking at him like an alien every time we left the house and he decided to take the backpack for a Saturday stroll through the city center in case we might end up buying a lot of stuff, because well you never know right. Actually in my case you know pretty well, that I don’t come back empty handed, but nevertheless I didn’t want the backpack to come with us, because if I am buying something I want  to carry it around in a shiny shopping bag where my new conquest lies in safely, wrapped up in silk paper and not tossed in a backpack.

So our discussion was always the same:

Me saying: No, it looks like a turtle shield and we don’t need it, leave it at home, I have my handbag, just in case.

Him saying: No, we might need it, it is so practical and if we will leave it at home, we sure need it later (as always).

Now half a year later, I am apologizing publicly and have to say he was right, a backpack is damn practical. And so I don’t only take this one to my every Saturday city stroll, but also every day to work.

– Damn, I hate it when men are right in the end! 😉 –

Shop the outfit:

Sunnies: & Other Stories (get similar here)

Dress: & Other Stories ( get similar here, here or here)

Slippers: & Other Stories (get similar here)

Backpack: Skagen (get similar here)

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