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Okay, so honesty last the longest as they say, so telling you about my day yesterday! By some reasons, which I don’t want to name and don’t want to talk about, I was reminded of one of my ex-boyfriends yesterday and well, love and the feelings I had/have for him. I felt so lost in that moment, that the only thing that came to my mind was decluttering my wardrobe! And I mean not only put it all together and organize it pretty well, I mean really decluttering as in throwing half of the stuff away (or at least put it in a suitcases for the next flea market). I spent 3 hours decluttering and putting everything away, which is not bringing me joy anymore or ever did and what reminds me of old times. Sitting now in a pretty empty bedroom and looking to the stuff I decluttered makes me think, because most of the things I decluttered, I just bought recently! A lot of things are colored and summerish, fresh and girly looking! And while looking at some pieces I ask myself: What the hell was I thinking?

I bought some things on Sale the last couple of days, and all of them are black, white or nude and really classy and simple, like really my style and really what I love to wear! So why did I bought then these cutiepie girly dresses with a lot of color? Did I loose myself, or my style?

I wouldn’t go that far, but it obviously seems like I by some people or impressions got persuaded that I need something different, something light, something girly, something which feeds the masses (if you know what I mean)! But I mean whats wrong? Is that really me? I mean style can change, we all know that, and sometimes we try different things or have periods in our live where we need a special kind of style, but I think we all have this one particular style we come back to at some point, because we just love it! With me it was always the nordic minimalism and I will stick to it now more often again, because sometimes in the last couple of weeks I was questioning my own looks and asking myself: Is that really me?

Maybe it is because so much is changing in my life (break up, losing friends, ending job in 2 months, ending lease in 3 months, no new job yet, no place where to go yet) that I think I need to try something new, do what everyone does in order to feel structured and safely stowed.

But realizing now, that this is not me, brings the question on, what is me then? And while I decluttered my wardrobe, my life seems to need this action too! And as hard as it is to declutter and let go, there is space for new, space for new clothes which say „Here I am, I’m back, that’s 100 % me“ and maybe life actions, which say the same too.

So here a look with pieces which actually survived decluttering and are still filling my wardrobe.


Shirt: H&M (get similar here)

Shorts: Dr. Denim (get them here)

Shoes: Vans (get them here)

Sunnies: H&M (get similar here)

Bag: J.W. Anderson (get it here)

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  • Ausmisten kann wirklich unglaublich befreiend sein. Für mich beginnt ab August auch ein neues Kapitel in meinem Leben und ich möchte bis dahin auch einiges aussortieren, das ich nicht mehr brauche. Die ersten Teile habe ich auch schon bei Kleiderkreisel reingestellt, mit dem Geld kann ich mir dann einige wenige ausgesuchte Stücke gönnen, die besser zu meinem Stil passen! Ich drücke dir die Daumen, dass du bald weißt, wohin dich dein Weg führen wird.
    Liebe Grüße ♡Kristina

    • Was machst du denn ab August? Ja das hab ich jetzt tatsächlich auch gemacht, einiges auf Kleiderkreisel eingestellt und jetzt mal abwarten 🙂
      Liebe Grüße