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Currently I am shooting with so many different people which is really exciting honestly. I am in contact with so many creative people and the work is so much fun and so inspiring! That’s why it is always fun for me to spend time to work on the blog especially on Sunday, when others are just relaxing. 

I love the work with all the creative peeps and I found some of the nicest and greatest souls through blogging. Sure, there are still the people who want to have everything, every tiny information, every advantage for themselves and don’t give a sh*t about others. But honestly, these people, they totally don’t get what this is all about. You can only be creative if you are inspired by something and you can only get inspired by connecting and sharing.So I can only recommend to every creative soul out there. Try to connect! Meet with others, talk, text, mail or whatever but connect! And to the people who want to have everything for themselves, starring 24/7 on their phones, without looking up once and are in their own world of editing or whatever, look up from time to time and try to share from now to then. Because without giving something, you can’t get anything back.

I consider myself happy, that the amount of people I know and who only want to take advantage of you is really really small. Whereas some of the people I met trough blogging became real friends, who I can really rely on even in not blog related issues. I am happy to know so many inspiring people who really want to share and I want to convey this on my blog too in the future. There will be a new category soon with is for you to get inspired and I am happy to introduce it to you soon.

Till then I have a new outfit for you, which I hope you like as much as I do. Really simple, a skirt and a striped shirt, but just a great summer look.



Shop the Look:

Shirt: Weekday (get similar here)

Skirt: Weekday (get it here)

Bag: J.W. Anderson (get it here)

Shoes: Zara (get similar here)

Sunnies: H&M (get similar here)

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