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I had the whole week off and it was so great to have time for all the things I wanted to do since weeks and even months. I am able to read a book, I am able to work on the blog and I’m able to go through some online courses and webinars.

Using the time I have is always really important to me and for the work I am doing! Because even if this is maybe not so clear on first site, I am creating something, running my own business I really want to bring further. So being structured and organized and using the time I have as best as I can is the most important thing for me and I think this is actually something I’m pretty good at. 

Only thing which I still need to work on is the fact that I don’t take enough free time, like time where I am really doing nothing! This is simply not happening at the moment. I am always doing something, always on the run, always working on myself and the blog and trying to give the best I can at work too. But that is the price I am happily willing to pay to make things work, to achieve what I wish for and to do what seems like my destiny. 

Every founder of something can tell you a story about how shitty and stressful things were at the beginning, how much work and effort was put in their dream, how broke they were at the beginning and what it took to make it work in the end. But that’s all that counts right? That it works in the end. And then you can look back and be happy that you were able to experience what it means to create something on your own. 

That might be a really stupid comparison, but it is a little bit like giving birth in a way (never experienced it on my own so far, but have heard of it a lot, so don’t judge if you disagree). Isn’t it the case that the way you need to go through hours of pain and uncertainty seems to be endless but then, at the moment when you have this little tiny human in your arms, you forget about everything before, the pain, the doubt and all the other feelings you had and you are just happy?

So because you are part of the journey, here is me creating something again, a little tiny step further in creating something big.  


Dress: H&M (get similar here)

Bag: J.W. Anderson (get it here)

Belt: Asos (get similar here)

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