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„content is king!“ they say… At least that is what I’ve heard. But why is it then that most of the people don’t really care about the content on the blogs and just go for their instagram pics, while the blog is between sleeping an barely non-existing ? Sure we are a total visual generation which is used to get information quick and short and prefer to see the newest outfits instead of reading about them. But sometimes I think this is just not enough…Sometimes we just need words in order to, well, make it pretty or trigger a special feeling, just to explain something where a pic or a few words are just not getting to the same result.

And with that I don’t mean explaining why I chose this outfit in 300 words just to please the SEO, even if I know that some bloggers are doing exactly that. But I want to show you a little bit of me, my life, the ups and downs. We all know that Instagram is THE good life app, where everything is a little fake and just showing the ups of everyone life. But there should be more behind that. 

At the moment I am doing the Instagram Workshop of Luisa and Daniel and they also say that Instagram is the „good life app“ but that you need to treat it like your CV. And that is actually true and I was not taking care of the enough the last couple of months, so I will try to do so know. But despite that, this blog is not only a nice to have thing which I have on the side of Insta, it is my baby, my hopefully future, my rock when everything drifts apart, because I can chose what I write, I can chose what I want to do here and I want you to be part of it. So all of you, read more blogposts, not only my ones, but the ones of all the good bloggers out there sitting down for you every single day, and producing real content. And isn’t it nice to sit maybe outside with a coffee and reading blogposts like a book?

So homework for me: Treat my Insta like a CV so more people are taking notice of the blog and maybe actually reading what I’m writing here.

Homework for you: Scroll trough your Insta take one blogger you like, go on their blog and READ one blogpost ! Do it! Now! 😉



Dress: H&M (get similar here)

Shoes: Ovye (get similar here)

Bag: J.W. Anderson (get it here)

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