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Not decluttered as well this shell hem shorts and this transparent body from Victoria Secret which is actually a lingerie body, at least after their tag it is, but I’m wearing it as a „normal“ body… OMG, what a bummer right?

No it isn’t! Because did you ever asked yourself, who actually does decide what is lingerie and what is not? Who is categorizing clothes?  What is business wear (in fact what is this f*cking „casual chic“ everyone is talking about these days)? And who the hell decides that? So what is lingerie wear and what is not, what is an evening-, a summer-, a business- or a casual dress?

In some online shops the clothes are categorized in these categories (surprise) and sometimes I think: That is a casual dress? I don’t think so… At least, well, not for me!


Because clothes are not categorizable! Everyone gives them their own category, So what for some of you might be a business dress is for someone else a casual dress because this person just combines it different or has just another style and makes it just casual looking.

So are dress codes and categories still timely, or did we overcome them?

Feel free to share your opinion! I think some people are even happy that these categories are existing because it makes shopping so much easier for them. They check the „summer dress“ box, if they are looking for one, scrolling till they find an appropriate one and put it into their cart, ending up buying it!

But there are also the „rebellions“, who are thinking outside the box because they are just used to do so. If they are looking for a summer dress, they check the „all dresses“ box and look for a dress which seems to be a summer dress in their eyes.

Same for dress codes. Some people are thankful for their existence even if dress codes are not always so clear in my opinion. True, if the dress code is something like „back & white“ you don’t really have much room of interpretation, but in other cases like the „casual chic“ one, it really is open for some interpretation, at least to me.

Sure, the „summer-dress“-check-boxing-kind-of-people would just google what „casual chic“ actually means, look for pics and just wear what’s written down in the description.

The „rebellions“ on the other hand are not looking on google, that’s why they still don’t know what „casual chic“ actually is, but hey, they make it work for them and test how far they can go.

So I think dividing clothes into categories even if people do, is just bullsh*t and not timely anymore.

Because I think it is actually us, our character, our style, our braveness, our shyness, our slope to experimental joy which decides what is for example lingerie, or an evening-, or a day-, or a summer dress and which decides if we are upholding with the dress code given to us.

So for me this is just a body combined with a shorts and boots nothing more nothing less, but let me know if you think otherwise.


Boots: Ovye (get similar here)

Body: Victoria Secret (get similar here)

Shorts: Zara (get similar here)

Bag: J.W. Anderson (get it here)

Sunnies: H&M (get similar here)

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